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    This game is available by invitation only. Please take advantage of a unique opportunity to get an additional 1% from each purchase of your invited partners on our Affiliate Program.

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      • Launch duration 1-5 days
      • Investment Insurance*
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    *You will get 100% compensation if you are among the last investors

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A replenishable insurance fund will reimburse you 100% of your losses if you are one of the last investors.

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Terms & Conditions

Carefully read the main aspects of this game. The game carries high risks of full or partial loss of investment. The creators of this game cannot be held responsible for any losses.


Before making any purchases on this site, the user must independently estimate the size and timing of their investment. The developers accrue 10% of all in-game purchases to the insurance fund.


Over time, the game capital will run out, and the game will stop. After seven days, our business partner will reimburse 100% of the value of the maximum possible number of the last purchases from the accumulative security deposit.

Risk agreement

Investments in economic games, startups, angel investments, venture capital, private equity, real estate, and stocks all involve risks, including the risk of a decline in the value of your assets, including potentially significant reductions for any period, for illiquidity where part or all of a withdrawal request may not be marked on the date requested.

Diversification can reduce the magnitude of declines. Still, it does not guarantee that these risks have been fully or partially alleviated. Past results are not an assurance of future outcomes. While most of these risks are shared and similarly held by other investment asset classes, we recommend that investors only consider economic games investments as part of a broader, diversified portfolio.


What is this game, and what are the rules?

Stellar Adventurer is a space-style economic investment game. The user has the opportunity to invest in virtual space expeditions with a duration of 1 to 5 days. Each day of trips generates 5%. The user has to evaluate the creditworthiness of the ecosystem and the risks before each transaction.

How quickly will the project close?

First of all, it depends on how popular the game becomes. The more popular the game becomes, the more money goes into the advertising budget. Occasionally, we will publish reports on the work done in advertising. In this way, you can better estimate your risks. Nevertheless, you can get a 100% refund from the permanently replenished insurance fund if you are among the last investors before the game ends.

How does the insurance fund work?

It's a "chip" of our project. We set the initial amount of the insurance fund at the start of the game. 10% of each purchase will go into the insurance fund. The larger the size of the insurance fund, the more the last purchased contracts will be reimbursed after the game stops. We credit the whole insurance fund to a separate crypto-wallet controlled by our partners. Our partners will make payments from the insurance fund seven days after the end of the game. This is how we ensure the transparency of the entire game process.

Who is responsible for the insurance deposit?

The security deposit is publicly available here and managed by our general partner, with a tremendous reputation.

Do you make interest payments at the expense of new users?

Briefly, yes. The full answer is below.

Technically, when a user makes a purchase in the game, they are entitled to take a certain amount away from the overall game balance, which will begin to decrease at some point. The lower the purchase value, the longer the user will have to wait to access the funds and the higher his risk. At the end of the game, some users will receive a 100% refund from the insurance fund generated by earlier transactions. They won't make any money but won't lose their investment either. That's the whole point of the gameplay.

Why should I trust you?

You should not trust us, even though we have previously launched a project and reimbursed all losses after closing. So we asked our partners with the purest reputations to take over distributing the insurance fund.

  • Stellar Adventurer

    First innovative economic game Stellar Adventurer opens the door to high-return and risk-controlled earnings.

    The innovative smart investment insurance system will return 100% on the last purchased contracts. The number of covered contracts increases with each new purchase.

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